Beirut Luxury Fair

Beirut Antiques & Luxury Fairs

Beirut Antiques Fair is one of the leading and most unique events of its kind in the Middle East. In the space of a few years, the fair has earned an excellent reputation in introducing the best dealers in the Lebanese and Regional markets, showcasing their formidable collections originating from a wide range of countries and centuries.

Collectors and art lovers alike will have the opportunity to see the very best that the art trade has to offer.

Beirut is known to be the oldest city in the world. The Beirut Antiques Fair has shown that the jewels and paintings of the past centuries as well as the crossroads of the East and West will lead back to Beirut

Beirut Luxury Fair is the most glamorous and prestigious exhibition in the Middle East; the “Beirut Luxury Fair” will take you into the world were the kings and queens of our past lived. Explore their world and make it your own; embrace the most luxurious jewellers, the best in the fine arts & antiques industry, the gadgets of the future and the most exclusive items around.

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