Beirut Wedding Fair

Beirut Wedding Fair

The Beirut Wedding Fair is the event where your dreams come true and where your magical day becomes a reality. Promoteam brings together wedding organizers, caterers, photographers, designers, make-up artists as well as other glamorous entities that assist in preparing this wonderful day. Over the past 6 years, Promoteam has made the Beirut Wedding Fair an extraordinary event. Our previous exhibitions have hosted lotteries with fabulous prizes for the Bride and Groom to-be, making that special day extra special.

Tell us about your magical day and we will tell you how to make it a reality.

Below are all our previous editions catalogues:


As Beirut regained its reputation of magnet for the rich and famous of the world, new hotels were built to meet guests’ higher expectations. Despite the rising competition, the world famous Phoenicia Hotel remained one of the most sought after destinations; a landmark for locals and visitors.

Constantly striving to raise the standards and anticipate the sophisticated tastes of the more demanding clientele, the Phoenicia Hotel underwent considerable refurbishment.

Thus, year after year, the Phoenicia Hotel continued to mark history, keeping up with the latest trends, and keeping its place as Lebanon’s most iconic hotel.

With decades of hospitality excellence to build on, the Phoenicia Hotel continues to be committed to growth and looks forward to creating unforgettable and enriching experiences for years to come.

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